Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

This is Theatre Like It Was To Be Expected and Foreseen

re-enactment creation 1982

In the fall of 1982 This is theater as it was to be expected and foreseen premiered. It became Jan Fabre’s controversial, but also much discussed, break-in into the theater scene. In 2012, thirty years later, Fabre with a group of young wolves ventures into a so called re-enactment: a rerun by which the original functions as a reference, a (utopic) quest for a performance as authentic and truthful as possible.

He doesn’t only attempt This with this is theater… but also with that other legendary performance The power of theatrical madness of 1984.
​The theatre artist Fabre is convinced that this historical oeuvre still contains a truthful and subversive power to this day: with these re-enactments Fabre confronts a new audience of a new time….


direction Jan Fabre music Guy Drieghe costumes Pol Engels assistance to the director Miet Martens, Renée Copraij

performers Maria Dafneros, Piet Defrancq, Melissa Guérin, Lisa May, Giulia Perelli, Gilles Polet, Pietro Quadrino, Kasper Vandenberghe

realisation of the costumes Katarzyna Mielczarek technical crew Thomas Vermaercke, Geert Van Der Auwera production manager Helmut Van Den Meersschaut production manager 2012 Tomas Wendelen interns Giulio Boato (dramaturgy) (Universiteit Bologna), Yorrith De Bakker (performer) (Artesis Hogeschool, Antwerpen), Zafiria Dimitropoulou (performer) (Karolos Koun Art Theatre School, Athene)

production re-enactment 2012 Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in co-production with deSingel Antwerp, Romaeuropa Festival

première Impulstanz Festival (Wenen, At)