Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

The Night Writer - Russia

with Alexander Molochnikov and Andrej Feskov

In 2019, the renowned Bolshoi Drama Theater in Saint Petersburg celebrated its centenary. Artistic director Andrej Moguchi invited Jan Fabre to create a special performance for the PLYWOOD THEATER. In the famous Bolshoi Drama Theater on the Fontanka River in Saint Petersburg, ARCHATTACKA built an architectural plywood pavilion that brings the visitor back to 1919, the revolutionary era in which the Bolshoi Drama Theater was founded. The shape of the Plywood Theater refers to El Lissitzky’s 1919 visual work ‘Beat the Whites with the Red Edge, a lithography symbolizing the Russian Civil War.

The Night Writer. The Russian version. is Troubleyn/Jan Fabre’s first repertoire work in Russia. The performance is played alternately by two talented actors: Alexander Molochnikov and Andrej Feskov. Based on extracts from Fabre's Night Diaries and theater texts, the show is a journey from Fabre's childhood to the present, a stream of thoughts on family, insomnia, creativity, beauty and art.  It is a strong manifesto on art, performed with verve by the two actors.

This performance has been reworked for the second stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, also known as the Summer Theater. Because of the Corona Pandemic, the première was postponed from 19 mars 2020 to 24 and 25 september 2020!
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performers Alexander Molochnikov/Andrey Feskov 
text, direction, scenography Jan Fabre
dramaturgy Miet Martens 
russian translation Irina Leek 
production  Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre (St. Petersburg, RU) and Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp, BE)