Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

The Night Writer - Italy | Giornale Notturno

with Lino Musella

The Night Writer. Giornale Notturno is a visionary and disarming hymn to the subversive and intriguing artist Jan Fabre. His personal diaries feed into an intimate and provocative autobiography, performed on stage by the actor Lino Musella.

It’s a journey in strong colours, from the artist’s youth to today. The audience will be engulfed in a flow of thoughts connecting day-time activities, bubbling with irresistible ideas and ambitious projects, and night-time existence, when creativity merges with fury and reflections on life, love and sex speak of the visceral energy of the body.

The text includes several pages of Fabre's personal journals, collected in the two volumes of the 'Night Diary', published in Italy by Edizioni Cronopio and excerpts from Fabre's theatre texts: The Reincarnation of God, I Am A Mistake, The Emperor of loss, The King of Plagiarism, Body, Body on the Wall, I Am Blood, History of Tears and Drugs Kept Me Alive.

Giornale Notturno is published by Edizioni Cronopio
Jan Fabre's theatre texts are published in Italian by Editoria & Spettacolo.

Lino Musella was awarded the prestigious UBU Prize 2019 for best actor in the Italian production The Night Writer. Giornale Notturno

"Jan Fabre wrote a new solo, in which he tells about himself, reveals, hides, provokes, fascinates but through an alter ego... This alter ego is Lino Musella, an interesting actor who likes to step out of the usual paths, full of inspiration and intelligence. ... Listening to his words, it is possible to penetrate into the artistic studio of this theatre inventor, performer, choreographer, visual artist who does not care about genres that they have desecrated and who maintains the unshakeable certainty that theatre is the only place (mental, creative, physical) that has managed to preserve its spirituality in the virtual age." - Anna Bandettini | La Repubblica

"To read the diary is to discover the multiple, contradictory and intriguing sides of Jan Fabre, who reveals himself to be sometimes visionary, sometimes disarming and cunning, sometimes prickly and touching, provocative and hesitant, subversive and proud of his Flemish figurative tradition. (...) And then there is a clear and significant discrepancy between the artist's life by day, rich in impressions, sensations, work, performances, exhibitions, projects and his life by night, possibly even more intense - intimate, wrenching, overwhelming, full of creative rage, sometimes meditative, sometimes 'sanguine'. The confirmation of boundless curiosity and of inexhaustible energy, which in these pages revolves around the role of the body, a body that is both spiritual and material, cultural and visceral, a place of thoughts but also of blood, urine, sperm, core of the eternal flow of birth-death-rebirth. (...) A portrait, deep red and captivating." - Franco Paris

"The new solo by the brilliant Jan Fabre, the first written in Italian for the excellent Lino Musella, gives us the unshakable certainty that the theater is the only place (mental, creative, physical) that in the age of the virtual has managed to preserve its spirituality." - Maria Grazia Gregori |

"The Flemish artist, who has been the inspiration and vanguard for much of the research in todays theatre scene, tells his story, confesses through the mouth of an excellent Italian actor, Lino Musella, in a show that combines the shameless self-bareness to a high degree of formal mise-en-scène" - Renato Palazzi | IL Sole 24 Ore

Executive producer and tour management: Carnezzeria
For more information you can contact Aldo Grompone and Gaia Gilvestrini:


with Lino Musella 
music Stef Kamil Carlens 
dramaturgy Miet Martens, Sigrid Bousset 
translations from Dutch Franco Paris 
technicians Geert Van der Auwera, Wout Janssens 
production manager Gaia Margherita Silvestrini

production Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp, BE) & Aldo Grompone 
coproduction FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts / LuganoInscena-LAC / Teatro Metastasio di Prato / TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa / Marche Teatro / Teatro Stabile del Veneto 
executive producer & tour organisation Aldo Miguel Grompone

première: 15 March 2019, Milan Triënnale (IT)




15/03/2019 LA TRIENNALE DI MILANO, Milan
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