Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

The Fluid Force of Love

We are she, her, he, him, they, them.
We are performers and we love, like all humans,
only the stories in which we perform the main role.
What we think to know and not to know,
every day, every theatre performance.
Is, what we tell today,
a comical timeless wisdom 
or a tragically outdated prejudice?
The only thing we can hope for is
that you’ll get to see infinite love
in two twinkling eyes.

- Jan Fabre | The Fluid Force of Love

Nowadays on Social Media, one can choose from more than 70 different gender identities. In The fluid force of love, Jan Fabre’s warriors of beauty come out of the closet in pursuit of the very essence of love. They ask themselves; what is the ‘labelling of sexuality’ in today’s society all about? Why do we feel the need to name and publish our sex, gender and sexual preferences? Can’t we all just be humans, respecting each other and respecting the love we experience towards other human beings?

At a time of ‘liberating coming out’, that invites us to finally assert our deep identity, coming out of the closet remains a radical act. Jan Fabre responds to the labelling of our sexuality with unbridled and playful humour. Unfolding the fascinating range of all possible loves, of singular fantasies, it overturns good thinking, erects the freedom to love, vital and elusive, like the necessary fluid of which we are all made.

In The fluid force of love, Jan Fabre’s warriors of beauty dance an ode to love, which essentially is free of closets. Because love is liberating and fluid. Love pushes back boundaries. Love unites and eliminates all contradictions. The fluid force of love is a choreographic performance that offers the freedom ‘to not want to be something’, that welcomes the mystery of transformation, praising the fluidity of our human identity.

With 9 talented performers, Jan Fabre paints with text, action and dance the panorama of identity, sexuality and love, in an inspired theatrical dance performance, born in 2020-2021, the era of ‘social distancing’. 


"Fabre has used nine 'warriors of beauty' to question whether the future will be like this, without gender, liberated by a revolutionary love. A work in which Jan Fabre's performers leave nothing to chance, they are dancers, actors, performers... they are not classifiable either. Intense, passionate, different and questioning, 'The fluid force of love' raises many questions" - Marta Carrasco | Spanish newspaper ABC

“…tries to erase the boundaries not only between artist and dancer, man and woman, but also between languages. In his international troupe, everyone speaks their native language from the stage. Italian, French, English. Because the language of love is universal…” - Russian cultural channel TV Kultura 

“Fabre raises his voice. But he also does so against the empire of fashion, against the media and, above all, against a hypocritical society that needs to judge and label everything it sees. That forces us to come out of any wardrobe that shelters us in order to leave us out in the open. Isn't it enough that we are human beings, asks the creator, while vindicating the right to love and desire whomever we want and whoever we find worthy of desire. Something commendable.” - Rosalía Gómez | Diario De Sevilla

Fabre puts his creativity as a visual artist in the costumes, or rather, in the changes of the costumes that the dancers integrate in the dance, delimiting a whole range of disturbing and captivating moving images. In the same way, the choreography gives us some superb dance numbers with which the dancers border on excellence.” - Dolores Guerrero | El Correo


Troubleyn/Jan Fabre Company envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. A world where the need for labelling differences becomes obsolete, where love is love.

We acknowledge that although we include references to the LGBTQIA+ community in our performance, in reality, we are far from being able to love freely and openly. Around the world there are still ongoing acts of violence, and related human rights violations, based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage our audiences to please start a conversation, to learn more. To trust in our common ground, our shared recognition, that love IS love - a unifying joyful, playful force regardless of labels, and that no-one should face stigmatisation, violence, or abuse on any grounds.


Performers Sylvia Camarda, Annabelle Chambon, Cédric Charron, Conor Doherty, Stella Höttler, Ivana Jozic, Pietro Quadrino, Matteo Sedda and Irene Urciuoli
Text, direction and choreography Jan Fabre
Music Hao Wu
Set and costumes Jan Fabre
Dramaturgy and artistic assistant Miet Martens
Lightdesign Wout Janssens
Technician Wout Jansens
Production manager Alma Auer
Video produced by La Compagnie des Indes with a special thank you to Bonlieu Scène nationale

Production Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (BE) in co-production with Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy (FR), Charleroi danse, Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), Teatro Central Sevilla (ES) et Perpodium (BE)

Supported by the Tax Shelter of the Federal Government of Belgium Troubleyn/Jan Fabre receives funding from the Flemish government and support from the City of Antwerp



08/05/2021 TEATRO CENTRAL, Sevilla
09/05/2021 TEATRO CENTRAL, Sevilla
09/05/2021 TEATRO CENTRAL, Sevilla (Streamed)
20/05/2021 - 20/06/2021 OPSIS TV, France (Streamed)
21/08/2021 SIBIU FESTIVAL, Romania (Streamed)
22/08/2021 SIBIU FESTIVAL, Romania (Streamed)
15/04/2022 TOPLOCENTRALA, Sofia
16/04/2022 TOPLOCENTRALA, Sofia